Soon – Panel Discussion

First: Lunch and soon – the heated panel discussion on the Future of Harp in Sweden/Scandinavia! With our artists and two special guests Lena Pettersson, Helen Davies and Josef Straka from Nordic Harp Meeting . They’re here just for this final hour of Öresund HarpFestival!The Panel

It´s soon time!

.. to meet and learn from each other and our great teachers and artists! And we have some teasers coming up…

Day one, Saturday 28th of September will start with breakfast for everyone participating. Then our three times three classes will begin! Helen Davies Mikkelborg has some surprises coming up in her classes… Early Scandinavian tunes is the theme, but we (producers) actually don’t know what the surprise is. Anne-Marie O’Farrell – world renowned harpist, something different from what we ‘Scandinavians’ perhaps expect – it’s ‘Early Irish tunes’ theme. And Rosamelia Andersen will teach ‘Nice and Easy’ class – not only for beginners, but of course also for beginners! She will make everyone shine!

Somewhere in between we will manage to grab a bite to eat. During the afternoon we will all join together in a large Harp Ensemble, practicing for Sunday’s concert in Holy Trinity Church (or just play for those who for some reason don’t want to play in public come Sunday. Salvi will hold workshops through-out the day.

And – two more surprises! Susan Enochsson will play a few tunes publicly for the museums visitors in the Entrance Hall. She will probably be accompanied by a special guest… And to make things even more mysterious we will have a presenter from far away, I’m not supposed to reveal his name, but he’s Breton…

At 6 pm the evening concert will begin – Helen Davies Mikkelborg and Poul Höxbro will start, and after a short break we will listen to Anne-Marie O’Farrell! This concert is open to the public.

Perhaps the best of it all is the evening dinner – where all of us, artists and participants in the two-day event can hang out – and I’m sure the music will go on…

As if this is not enough Sunday will continue with the Harp Ensemble playing for audience and a seminar with our professionals on the Future of Harp in Scandinavia.

See you there!

Very Best regards

Lynn Thulin, producer OHH